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Virtual Engagement and Outreach

This year’s International Officer Team leveraged technology to reach more chapters, regions, and students than ever before. They participated in a total of 191 virtual events throughout 2020—more than any other team in the history of PTK. Virtual participation included 121 Regional events, 32 Chapter presentations, 24 Alumni and HQ events, and 14 webinars.

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Competitive Edge 2.0

Phi Theta Kappa released a refresh of its flagship professional development program, Competitive Edge.  The updated curriculum featured learning outcomes for workplace professionalism, relationship building, teamwork, communications skills, critical thinking, analytical skills, self-confidence, and self-awareness. We are grateful to bartleby® for their support of this program.


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2020-2021 Honors Study Topic

Phi Theta Kappa kicked off 2020 with a new Honors Study TopicTo the Seventh Generation: Inheritance and LegacyThis topic provides the framework for the intersection of intellectual curiosity, academic investigation, and service action. This year’s topic provided seven thought-provoking themes spanning many academic disciplines.

Theme 1: The Heirs of our Ways
Theme 2: Natural and Constructed Environments
Theme 3: Trade, Craftsmanship, and Industry
Theme 4: Expressions of Truth

Theme 5: Resistance – Reform, Rebellion, Revolution
Theme 6: Perceptions of Progress
Theme 7: Life and Death
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Activity Guide for Chapter Leaders

Phi Theta Kappa released its first-ever instructional guide for chapter advisors. This step-by-step guide provides a roadmap for chapter advisors and is designed to enhance the member experience, while also serving as a resource for chapter leaders.


  • Run a digital-forward recruitment campaign

  • Highlight transfer opportunities at induction ceremonies

  • Promote virtual inclusion in your chapter

  • Write professional emails to faculty and staff​

  • Lead an organized, intentional member meeting

  • Learn to listen purposefully​

  • Identify academic sources

Puzzle of Chapter Leader Guide



Being a five-star chapter signals that a chapter is providing opportunities for students to make the absolute most of their college experience by increasing faculty and peer engagement and providing robust co-curricular honors programs, leadership, and service activities. In 2020, PTK celebrated 465 five-star chapters, the largest number of five-star chapters in Society history.